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The Macujo Method Reviewed – Can It Help With The Hair Test?

I am having an upcoming hair drug test, and from what I gathered, Nexxus Aloe Rid old formula can help me get THC out of my hair follicles. This method is known as the macujo method. Only the old formula works, so if you walk into a hair salon, you can not get Nexxus Aloe Rid there. I also checked a couple of videos related to the Macujo method and Aloe Rid shampoo, but most of the comments are not helpful — mostly advising on how easy it is not to use drugs before a test.

Unfortunately, the timeline between my hire notification and the drug test was very short. Completed this method 7 times in the last two days and washed with shampoo about 5 times. It pisses me off. If I fail my home hair drug test, then I might try to do the Jerry G method. Instead of Aloe Rid shampoo, it contains ammonia which basically destroys your hair.

Getting this job is much more important than anything else.

jerry g method reddit

They can also tell you to submit a urine sample. They can also use a swab, blood or toenail drug test…the possibilities are endless. Macujo or Jerry G method, these are the only options.

I did pass my hair drug test with the Macujo method. You can check the detailed guide of the Macujo method here.Do you have an upcoming drug test? Have you ever heard about the Macujo Method? When faced with challenging situations, people tend to make many reckless mistakes. But, if you are smart enough and you use the internet continuously, then you can bypass any obstacle. The hair follicle testing procedure has been in use for many years.

A high detection rate is an appreciated benefit, and it shows surprisingly accurate results. However, if you have been using drugs for the past couple of months, then THC is deeply rooted in your hair. The prolonged use of opioids is the biggest concern for many marijuana users, and they are looking for the ways to get rid of the drugs from their system. In the last decade, the growman method has gained a lot of popularity, due to its positive results.

The Ultimate Guide – Pass Your Hair Drug Test

It all comes to breaking the follicle and make it interact the with the metabolites. You should understand that stripping out the THC is a time-consuming process and requires a lot of patience. The cuticle, cortex, and medulla make a follicle. The medulla stores THC, which features a protective barrier called cuticle. In this case, you need to penetrate the cuticle and eliminate the THC, which is the idea behind this treatment. The process involves seven steps, they are easy to follow, but they require some rules.

These products are proven ways to pass a hair follicle drug test. They are all used in a specific order for cleaning of the hair and avoiding positive drug test results. You will require the following items:. If you are wondering, where to buy hair detox shampoo, then you should visit TestClear. Step 1 — quit using marijuana ten days before testing. Step 4 — on top of vinegar use the clean and clear formula to massage your scalp. Step 6 — wash the mixture off, using the old style Aloe Rid detox shampoo.

jerry g method reddit

Step 7 — this time, you have to rewash your hair using the Tide liquid laundry detergent. With the weed detox shampooyou will achieve remarkable results. You should repeat the entire procedure at least five times before the testing. Do not skip any of the steps, or this process will fail to deliver positive results. Even though all the ingredients are store-bought, you should take some precautions. It is easy to get carried away and get careless with the components.It goes like this: Some companies conduct drug tests before agreeing to hire you, while others might periodically test you.

Many people take to the Internet right after they find out they will be taking a hair test. Despite the success stories, many people have also written about failing. What gives? Well, it turns out there are differing opinions on the detox shampoo you must use. Note : As mentioned above, you newer version of Aloe will not get the job done for you. The Macujo Method similar to Jerry G is a seven-step hair cleaning procedure more than a decade ago. The first step of the Method is to stop using weed.

The second step is to wet down the hair with warm water. Ideally, people should ensure that their hair is damp, not soaking wet. The third step is to work Heinz vinegar into the hair and the scalp. The vinegar should be massaged into the scalp thoroughly. Step four requires people to add Clear and Clean to the mixture that is already atop their head. This should also be massaged into the hair and scalp. The fifth step requires people to leave the mixture in their hair for about half an hour.

It can be smart to place a shower cap over your hair during this time.

This will allow you to continue your everyday tasks while the mixture is absorbed into your hair. Step six requires you to wash the mixture out of your hair using Nexus Aloe Rid Shampoo. Make sure you keep rinsing your hair until it is completely clean. The seventh and final step requires you to wash your hair a second time, this time using Tide liquid laundry detergent.

From there, users can keep repeating these seven steps until they are confident their hair is clean. While the Macujo Method may sound strange, it has a strong record of success. People have been using it to pass drug tests for years, and the majority of people have managed to get successful results. Many people have reported that the method is more effective if it is repeated.

A lot of people recommend washing your hair like that at least five times before your test is scheduled. Aside from its effectiveness, one of the best things about the Macujo Method is that people can do it in their own homes. Everything you need can be purchased in your local supermarket. Macujo Method. People all over the country have been using this method for quite some time. It might be your only chance of getting a clean result from your drug test. So, will it work for you? What Is The Macujo Method?Last Updated on November 23, Every day people take drug tests.

Your next place of employment may ask you to take a drug test by the hair. Does that thought make you nervous? You can perform a detoxification which removes all traces of THC metabolites from your strands.

One detox procedure is called the Jerry G method. While we recommend Macujo method instead, you can try either. Just make sure you use Aloe Rid shampoo together or instead of other brands read full review.

The method consists of five products and eight steps. This method requires that you bleach and dye your hair twice within 10 days. Plan ahead so you can fit in all the necessary activities.

First bleach, then dye your hair. The dye needs ammonia and must be permanent. To avoid suspicion, try to find a dye that matches your natural shade. Follow the instructions on the packaging for effective results. At least 10 days after your last drug use bleach and dye the second time. Make sure the bleach and dye are the same as the first ones you used. You need to remain clean from all drugs or else you have to start the procedure from step one again.

This step needs to be done on the day of your follicle test. Make a thick paste with baking soda and massage it into your hair. Make sure your cover and massage your entire scalp area. Wash for the last time with Toxin Wash Shampoo. Follow the instructions on the packaging and ensure your entire scalp is washed thoroughly. If you follow the instruction within the recommended timeline, the Jerry G should be effective. You have to remain clean during this time or else you negate all your efforts.

But take note that most people who do this have failed the test. This confirms that if you want a high chance of passing you should do the method over a period of 10 days. Although this method has proved successful in many cases there are some disadvantages which may cause you to explore other options. There is no recorded data indicating the exact success rate.

But according to research based on the opinion of others the method has worked almost every time. Those that followed the instructions and got the right products were successful.

The Jerry G Method: Can it Really Fool Hair Tests?

You need to be aware of the damages it can cause to your hair. However, if a job or anything else is more important, this will be worth it.If so, you probably feel hopeless.

This is the worst part of it all. Note: Of the three methods outlined below, only two are practical solutions. Simply put, that means you can shave your entire body and you will have around 5 days worth of drug-free hair. You smoke on Sunday night. You wake up Monday morning and shave your entire body. Is this option realistic? Note: The following example assumes you smoke weed. How does the light user loophole work? Then you smoke the same amount two weeks later.

Right before the hair follicle test

The worst part is that the majority of tests can detect up to 90 days. Yes, the product is expensive. But ask yourself what you stand to lose. Click here to check the price for Aloe Rid Detox Shampoo. The test is chosen over the urine test for a few reasons.

The video below outlines how the hair collection process works when you take your hair strand drug test. Simply put, the hair follicle drug test is the most accurate drug test out there. It all has to do with the biological processes taking place in your body.

This means that your hair can store information on your drug use history dating several months back in time. As far as the history of drug use is concerned, most lab tests can detect heavy usage of drugs within the last 90 days.

An interesting fact about hair follicle drug test is that they can accurately say, with approximation, when the last heavy use of drugs has occurred. Remember that these tests will try to identify the last session of heavy drug usage.

jerry g method reddit

This sounds scary, indeed. Like in the case of urine and blood samples, there are various factors that can come into play and determine different results. Certain drugs can be traced in your hair through these tests.

Here is a list of common drugs identified through hair sample drug tests information found at Erowid. That is a very good question. Body follicles grow slower, so if you have engaged in heavy drug use just before a test, this may not appear in the tests.

There are a few drug testing companies that are more popular with employers than others.

jerry g method reddit

For instance, Psychedemics is a company well known in the United States.A decade or two ago, there was this secrecy about Marijuana usage and detox techniques. It was quite widely used, no doubt about it. But the talks about beating drug tests were often veiled and hidden from the general public.

Cut to today, people are posting on social media about methods to beat urine tests for boasting rights. And you resort to some of the unverified methods that sadly, have gained a lot of fake credence in the recent past. One such method is the Jerry G method.

The Jerry G method has recently resurged on drug user forums for reasons unknown to me. So much so that it is now being called the de-facto method to beat a drug test over other and safer methods like the Macujo method. To give you some backstory, Jerry G was a member id on Marijuana. The Jerry G method is a way to break down the outer layer of the hair follicle which is called the cuticle and flush out the drug metabolites from the inner layer which is called the Cortex.

Like the Macujo method, Jerry G recommends a way to penetrate the cuticle outermost layer of the hair follicle and help remove the drug metabolites from the Cortex layer. However, it is the method and the ingredients themselves that are toxic for your hair. It is an 8 step process and the first and most important step is to stop using Marijuana at least 10 days before the test.

The complete Jerry G method consists of 8 steps. You start by stopping Marijuana at least a week to 10 days before you are scheduled to undergo the hair follicle test.

If the test is sooner, then you can try and increase the frequency of the procedure and in effect, damage your hair faster. That is the method recommended for casual smokers. But what good is it, unless it is effective? And why would you want to pinch pennies when its your job at stake? If you expose your hair to chemicals that are so harsh multiple times in a day, it will break down for sure.

Macujo Method Review: How To Pass A Hair Follicle Drug Test Guaranteed

And you just may pass the test. One thing is a given though. Your hair texture, quality and color will go for a toss. By the time you reach for the test, you will look like weirdo with wiry hair strands standing on the edges. I have been privy to some very serious side effects of the Jerry G method that led to guys going skinhead for a long time. The question is, why even attempt the Jerry G method when you have a much safer and faster method in Macujo? The only specialized ingredients that you need is a bottle of nexxus aloe rid shampoo original formula that contains Propylene glycol and any shampoo with salicylic acid.

Jerry G is an obsolete, risky and toxic for the hair method that may or may not work. The jerry G method for hair test is NOT recommended.Last Updated on November 23, The Macujo method is becoming a popular process people implement to pass their drug tests.

This method has continuously worked which is why many are placing their trust in it and recommending it. This method works only for marijuana users. Now you can implement the trusted Mac Method if you need to pass any hair drug tests learn more. We also did a review of this one, you can read it here. The Macujo Method is a hair cleaning procedure which opens the cuticle to clean or remove THC metabolites from the cortex which is protected by the cuticle. It needs to be done correctly to effectively remove any traces of THC from the hair.

The seven-step process must be repeated at least five times, three days before the follicle test. Stop using marijuana or other drugs before you start the method.

It may be difficult. However, you need to stay clean during this process for it to work. Steps two to six is the process of how to wash your hair. If you want to pass the drug test you need to get the right product and ensure you follow these steps properly. Simply wet your hair with warm water. It must be damp but not soaking wet. Having damp hair allows you to work the solutions in between your strands.

Pour Heinz vinegar over your head and massage it into your hair all the way down to your scalp. Ensure you massage your whole scalp with the Heinz Vinegar. Apply the Clean and Clear Pink to your hands first then massage it into your hair. The salicylic acid may burn your scalp.

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